It all started with a big idea…

In 2009 we had an amazing idea that made us think differently about how people would live and work in a world with 40 billion things connected to the Internet.

We imagined a world where smart machines would assist people in every aspect of their digital lives.

Since 2011 our software has been making the world we live and work in smarter and more connected.

Ambiant is the purest expression of our vision and the latest version of the ThoughtWire platform.

Let’s get started on your big ideas!

4 Simple Steps to transform your digital business

Step 1 – Take control

We provide you with all the tools you need in a single platform to take control of the key challenges that every organization faces when executing their digital business strategies.

Administrative Burden

The Human Cost of IT

Redirect Time and Effort

Take control of the administrative burden imposed by your IT systems by automating the routine manual work your people are forced to do today.

Business Complexity

Employee and Customer Engagement

Simplify the Way you Work

Take control of the growing complexity in your business by gaining insights about your people, processes and data and turning insights into tools that will simplify your business.

Value for Money

IT Spend / ROI

Maximize Capex and Opex

Take control over your capital expenditures with a more cost effective solution platform and maximize your returns by accelerating the innovation to benefits cycle.

Data, Processes and Workflows

The gaps between your IT Systems

Go Real Time

Take control of your business processes and workflows by infusing them with real situational awareness and automation to improve communications and compliance.

Our Customers and Industry Partners

Contact us to find out more about how our customers are applying Ambiant to drive transformation in their businesses.
The ease of use of the ThoughtWire HEWS application is incredible because the app is on a mobile handheld device, so it’s easy for the nurses to bring it with them and it’s very easy to enter the data. The app does all the calculations; the nurses are not required to do the calculations. Colors on the screen provide visual alerts that are tied to the EWS score, and then the workflow automates based on the score notifications.
Mark Farrow, CIO, Hamilton Health Sciences
ThoughtWire’s cutting-edge software platform is truly disruptive technology. It will utterly transform the way physicians and nurses deliver care at the bedside, providing unprecedented opportunities to improve safety, quality of care, and patient experience.
The electronic WardBoards helped us achieve new levels of communication and collaboration in our patient wards. Our teams are now more informed about our patients, and our patients are safer and happier as a result.
Thodoros Topaloglou , CIO, Rouge Valley Health System
ThoughtWire has played an important role in helping us achieve our vision of a fully digital hospital. When we open our doors in Fall 2015, our hospital will be the most advanced digital hospital in North America.
The system integration, with ThoughtWire’s Ambiant™ platform at the core, will allow us to consistently deliver the right information to the right healthcare provider at the right time and in a meaningful way…
ThoughtWire’s Ambiant platform shifts the value paradigm towards actionable insight, agility and user experience; if your IT leaves you accountable and responsible but not in control then ThoughtWire is for you.

Industry Solutions

We have an extensive library of field tested high ROI solutions for a number of industries that can help you take control of your digital business strategy. Our platform is especially well suited to highly regulated industries and our technology is the most advanced digital intelligence platform for the Industrial Internet of Things.

Smart and Connected Healthcare

Smarter Healthcare

Ambiant is powering some of the most advanced Smart Hospitals in the world today. Situational awareness and digital intelligence are fundamentally changing the way people give and get care.

Smart and Connected Cities and Buildings

Smarter Buildings

Ambiant is also powering the next generation of smart and connected real estate. Our platform is transforming service delivery and customer experience in commercial buildings.

And that’s just the start for us… Give us a call to find out how we can help you!

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Step 2 – Get Ambiant!

Our software employs machine intelligence and situational awareness to drive smart automation and real-time interactions between the people, systems and devices that matter to your business.

Machine Intelligence


Faster than People
Real time situational awareness lets Ambiant anticipate what your employees and customers need before they ask.

Multi-Channel User Experience

100 %

Consistent across Devices
Simple and intuitive access on any of the screens that your customers and employees use.

Dynamic Real-time Integration

200 +

Types of Connections
Bi-directionally communicates with anything that can display, emit, store or process data.

Plug and Play

100 %

Our extensive library makes it quick and simple to get you up and running. It’s easy to teach Ambiant to do new things as well…

Reliable and Scalable

0 %

Downtime or Data Loss
Blazingly fast, Internet scale on-premise or cloud based implementations. Zero downtime grid based architecture.


100 %

Trusted Identity Based
Plug and play support for multiple Enterprise / Internet identity solutions. Uses bank grade encryption and access controls.

Let’s get your team engaged in the process of transforming your business!

Step 3 – Become more agile

Our agile process and methodology will help you quickly identify areas of your business that can be rapidly transformed and meaningfully engage your staff to take control of their workflows and processes.

Step 4 – Enjoy the benefits and keep innovating!

We have an extensive library of field tested high ROI solutions for a number of industries that can help you take control of your digital business strategy.

Simplifies User Experience

Consistent on every device

Saves People Time

Typical time savings

Speeds up your workflows

Typical Productivity Gains

Uses All your Data

0 x
More value from existing data

Generates Serious ROI

Typical Annual ROI

Accelerates Innovation

0 weeks
Typical time to Pilot

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