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Learn what OPM can do for you. Get the industry’s first OPM Strategy Blueprint.

ThoughtWire is the leader in Operations Performance Management for the Built Environment.


Preempt and prevent critical patient events, unlock operational efficiencies in real time, and respond faster with enhanced situational awareness.


Get full command and control of your building to optimize operations, automate workflows and improve the tenant experience.

Use OPM to transform your operations


OPM is changing the possibilities of IoT, AI, and MI in built environments. Use ThoughtWire’s OPM applications to connect people with data and things, turn analytics into action, and put people in control of their own experiences. That means better outcomes for everyone.

OPM Applications

Powered by the world's fastest in-memory graph database
Smart Hospital Suite

Smart Hospital Suite






ThoughtWire’s reasoning engine provides the reporting, security, notification, and complex event processing your facility needs

Smart Building Suite

Smart Building Suite




  • OT Systems

    Connect OT Systems

  • Data Storage

    Connect Data Storage

  • Devices

    Connect IoT Devices

  • IT Systems

    Connect IT Systems

Process Intelligence Tools

Digital Twin Explorer

Easily search the digital twin used to power your applications. Manipulate and debug your data model using exploration tools such as directory, state, and trace.

Digital Twin Modeler

Visualize your application digital twins data relationships, real-time status of your built environment, the people, assets, and process interactions.

See what OPM can do for you and the people in  your facility


Operations Performance Management (OPM) is unlocking new possibilities for IoT in built environments. Get the industry’s first OPM Strategy Blueprint to learn how.

We’re trusted by world-class partners, hospitals & commercial real estate firms


Watch OPM in action

See how this hospital is using an early warning system powered by ThoughtWire’s OPM applications to save more lives.

What others are saying about working with ThoughtWire


“Failure to recognize patient deterioration is a significant issue for acute care hospitals. The use of early warning scores that track abnormal vital signs is a strategy to recognize the unwell patient. In collaboration with ThoughtWire, our hospital has harnessed the power of our electronic health record to alert health care professionals in a timely manner. This has led to reduced cardiac arrests and unplanned intensive care unit admissions.”


~ Alison Fox-Robichaud, BSc, MSc, MD, FRCPC (Int Med, Crit Care) and Director Of Medical Education, Project Lead HEWS, Hamilton Health Sciences


“ThoughtWire is an extremely innovative company that has been a pleasure to work with over the past few years. McKesson has asked them to help us with some tough customer challenges and they have come through. It’s nice to work with a partner that has great technology and also delivers on time and on budget.”


~ David Mosher, Director, RelayHealth

“The electronic WardBoards helped us achieve new levels of communication and collaboration in our patient wards. Our teams are now more informed about our patients, and our patients are safer and happier as a result.”


~ Thodoros Topaloglou, CIO, Rouge Valley Health System, now The Scarborough Hospital