Bring your built environment to life with our Digital Twin.

Reveal a new dimension of your building with Digital Twin technology

Built on super-fast graph database technology, the heart of our underlying technology is the Digital Twin. Not simply a digital mock-up of the physical environment, our Digital Twin is the contextual model of an entire organization and its operation. It’s the data from your subsystems and the real-time interaction between your people, process and connected things. Solve the challenges of real-time data processing by bringing together data from IT and OT systems, IoT sensors and third party data in a contextual representation of your built environment.



Designed for smart built environments

Powered by the world’s fastest in-memory graph database, our Digital Twin lets you work in real-time. It also enables semantic reasoning to drive insights and actions.

Analyze the complete journey

Encompasses the complexity of built environments – from data to workflows to people across a portfolio of built environments.

Take immediate action

Powered by the world’s fastest in-memory graph database so you can work in real-time.


Context-rich semantic linking tells you the past, present and future state of your built environment.

Operationalize insights in real-time. Make your building self-learning. Watch your building self-tune.

Gain clarity on the past, present and future performance of your building and receive recommendations on how to improve outcomes.


Rewind time to view high resolution historical data and create smart benchmarks.


Interact with your real-time operational environment of people, process and connected things​ and drive better outcomes.


Predict the future state of operations of your built environment.


Ready to learn how our Digital Twin can bring your built environment to life?

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