Know more. Respond faster. Improve patient outcomes.

Be there fast when a patient needs attention.


NotificationCentre helps you respond faster to time-sensitive critical events, to improve patient outcomes. We know as well as you that the safety and security of your patients and hospital staff is paramount. That's why the NotificationCentre app integrates with your security and health information systems to provide contextual information to people who need to know. Keep your patients, staff and visitors safe by alerting the right staff with location-based notifications and enabling them to lock down doors with just one click of their mobile devices.


Respond faster to dramatically improve patient outcomes.

In many hospitals, information about employee safety incidents is managed by two or more unconnected systems. Moreover, managers often lack visibility into rates of compliance with legislated reporting time allowances. NotificationCentre changes this.

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NotificationCentre alerts the right people and provides information to help them make decisions faster in the face of critical events, to improve patient outcomes.
  1. Critical notifications delivered to the right people
  2. Optimized call routing
  3. Real-time data transparency and visibility​
  4. All code alerts (blue, pink, red, white)
  5. Care team closed-loop communications
Rapid Response
Get real-time data transparency and visibility.

Gain visibility and transparency of information through a single source. Bring together all of your relevant data and have it delivered in context on staff's mobile devices or desktops.

Rapid Response
Enable care team Closed-Loop communication.

Drill down into clinician and staff response times by monitoring responses, pending responses, and non-responsive members of the team.

Rapid Response
Optimize Call Routing and Workflow.

Optimize the routing of calls, alerts and alarms to the right person at the right time, saving hours, unlike manual processes that require multiple systems.

Rapid Response
Improve Information Visibility for real-time optimization.

Leverage better visibility and transparency of information, including care team response times and their impacts, to optimize your operations in real-time.

Rapid Response
Deliver Critical Information to the right person at the right time.

Respond faster to code events like a wandering patient or infant abduction with automated procedures for security lock down to improve patient outcomes.

Operations Center White
Reduce patient wait

Optimize your hospital’s workflows for faster patient care and more efficient portering.

Early Warning
Know more. Respond faster.

Respond faster and mobilize the right team of care providers when a patient needs attention.

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