Know more. Respond faster. Improve patient outcomes.

Be there fast when a patient needs attention.


We understand the challenges that today’s hospitals are up against. Concerns are rising around staff burnout, alarm fatigue, preventable patient deterioration, wait times and screen time versus bedside time. Hospitals generate a massive amount of information, yet there’s no single source of truth. We’re here to change that by offering one solution that brings it all together. Start solving your problems today.

ICU stays are bad for patients and costly to the hospital. Reduce your stays by preempting and preventing critical patient events.

Too much data and too little actionable information means workflows are hard to optimize. Change that by turning data into insights.

Long wait times happen for many reasons. Tackle the problem once and for all by looking at the whole value chain.

Alarm fatigue and complicated documentation requirements for EHRs are factors that contribute to high burnout rates. Leverage augmented intelligence to deliver real-time alerts to only the people who need them.

Hospitals are full of devices, people and processes. But bringing them together requires real-time visibility. Get the missing pieces and create a hospital of the future, starting today.


The EarlyWarning, OperationsCentre and NotificationCentre applications put real-time control directly into the hands of caregivers, allowing CIOs to significantly increase patient satisfaction. Each application has a unique purpose that can be used alone or together for optimal patient outcomes and maximal ROI.

Get the solutions you need.

Powered by digital twin technology and the world’s fastest in-memory graph database. Trusted by world-class hospitals.

Imagine a world with zero code blue calls.

Predict and preempt high
acuity events to avoid costly
ICU stays.

OperationsCenter Black
Reduce patient wait times once and for all.

Optimize and automate your hospital’s workflows for more efficient patient care.

NotificationCentre Black
Know more.
Respond faster.

Respond faster and mobilize the right team when a patient needs attention.

Time to change the way we run healthcare.

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