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with zero code blue calls.

Get real-time patient insights to predict and preempt code blues before they happen.

code blues

How to prevent code blues before they happen.

Did you know that only 1 in 5 people survive after they suffer cardiac or respiratory arrest? EarlyWarning helps predict when patients are about to deteriorate into code blue, allowing it to be prevented before it happens. It also alerts and orchestrates workflows between nurses, doctors and code teams. That means hospitals can save more lives, decrease costly ICU stays and reduce the rate of readmission.

key features

EarlyWarning helps your care teams do more, with less stress and fewer errors.

Failure to recognize patient deterioration is a significant issue for acute care hospitals. The use of early warning scores that track abnormal vital signs is a strategy to recognize the unwell patient. In collaboration with ThoughtWire, our hospital has harnessed the power of our electronic health record to alert health care professionals in a timely manner. This has led to reduced cardiac arrests and unplanned intensive care unit admissions.”​
- Alison Fox-Robichaud,
BSc, MSc, MD, FRCPC (Int Med, Crit Care) and Director of Medical Education, Project Lead HEWS, Hamilton Health Sciences​


Predict and preempt when a patient's condition is deteriorating using an early warning system algorithm.

Enable nurses to enter vital signs on their mobile devices, making data capture fast and connected.

Allow for real-time mobile communication and collaboration between doctors, nurses, ER teams and more, for enhanced situational awareness.

Optimize workflows required to respond to critical early warning system events.

Reduce alarm fatigue and burnout by delivering alarms to only the staff who need them.

case study

Hamilton Health Sciences reduced code blues by 61% with the help of EarlyWarning.

Learn more and see how your hospital can too.

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