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solve the biggest smart building challenges.

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There are a lot of Smart Building Challenges. From growing cost pressures and sustainability goals, to keeping up with occupant's expectations, the need for change is mounting. That’s why our software applications are designed to help you truly transform your building portfolio. Get maximum NOI while improving workplace experience, energy efficiency, workflows and more. Operationalize your big data and get ready to create a transformative space for the future of work.


If your existing BAS/BMS and fault detection investments have given you greater control, but you're no longer seeing big improvements in efficiency, we can help. Uncover new ways of skyrocketing operational efficiency.

"Our operators lack full visibility and control."

Knowing exactly what’s happening, where it's happening and when is a big challenge for many building managers. We'll help unlock your data, tear down silos and give building managers the visibility and control they need. From anywhere.

"We lack the capabilities to predict and preempt events."

Have you mastered the art of reacting fast to occupant requests or faults in your subsystems? Yet, do you still struggle to predict and preempt these events? Our software enables you to become completely proactive, saving time and money.

"Our occupants aren't satisfied with their space."

Occupants are looking for digitally-enabled, modern and flexible workplaces with advanced comfort controls and amenities. A one-size-fits-all approach no longer works. We'll help you empower your occupants so they truly love their space.

"Our competitive moat is narrowing."

With new smart buildings coming online every day, relative competitive advantage is shrinking and business models are being disrupted by space-as-a-service vendors. We'll help you fight back and stay ahead of the competition.

Our smart applications work to solve your toughest challenges.

PrecisionHub and @WorkApp work together to turn buildings into truly intelligent spaces of the future. Future-proof your portfolio and create a happy, healthy experience.

Get the solutions you need.

Solving the toughest Smart Building Challenges. Powered by Digital Twin technology and the world’s fastest in-memory graph database.
Trusted by world-class owners, operators and occupants.

Gain command and control.

Get full visibility into a building’s end-to-end operations, plus get complete command and control over operations. In real-time. From anywhere.

Make the workplace your place.

You spend 87% of your life indoors, and you deserve to feel happy, healthy and safe in your space. Personalize it. Remove the friction. Get more done.

Ready to transform your built environment the smarter way?

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