Building optimization made easy.

Building optimization means having relevant data at your fingertips, systems that tune themselves and control over everything.

How building optimization works.

PrecisionHub gives building and facility managers visibility into a building’s end-to-end operations, plus complete command and control over operations. That means you can optimize operations and tenant experience in real-time and take preemptive or remote actions for your building’s entire operational value chain.

building optimization that enables a modern digital workplace

PrecisionHub lets building and facility managers optimize operations and workplace experiences. In real-time.


Unlock the value of a Digital Twin enabled smart building. Building optimization that future proofs your assets for long-term growth.


Dramatically increase visibility.

Get real-time information about energy usage, tenant provisioning and operational workflows. Increase visibility with a Digital Twin of your building's operations to add context across your subsystems and workflows.

Make smarter connections.

Connect directly with smart cities or with other buildings across your portfolio. Unlock the value of portfolio-wide collaboration, benchmark performance and connect indoor spaces with outside infrastructure like first responders or city engineers.

Gain command and control.

Monitor the building remotely, know about problems before they occur and take action from anywhere. Respond faster to events with context-rich information and recommended actions.

Automate processes like never before.

Automate processes like tenant onboarding, emergency lockdown and load shedding to streamline actions and reduce latency in response. See savings in time, costs and energy.

Learn, optimize, repeat.

Don't merely automate workflows, but also uncover previously 'unknowable' information, like the impacts of occupant behavior on building operations. Always in real-time. Discover the root cause of common alerts or overtime and allow building subsystems to self-tune to find an optimal state.

Communicate and collaborate.

Collaborate with building staff, operators and cleaners in real-time. Make building operations efficient and effective by aligning teams with a single source of truth.

Ready to see how PrecisionHub can increase your asset's value?

Make the workplace your place.

You spend 87% of your life indoors, and you deserve to feel happy, healthy and safe in your space. Personalize it. Remove the friction. Get more done.


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