HighIQ Smart Buildings Enabled by LocationSense

Location matters. With LocationSense, the newest building block of our HighIQ Smart Building suite, we deliver a range of safety, productivity and sustainability benefits driving from situational and location awareness of people and things in your built environment.

Safe Space Booking

Safe Return to Work – A User Story

ThoughtWire HighIQ Smart buildings are equipped for a resilient future. They are safer, more efficient and healthier. They apply context and reasoning to triage Alerts & Alarms or deliver insights on issues that affect costs or staffing rather than serve up static data. All of this is enabled with our superior Digital Twin technology augmented with AI and Machine learning, that powers an IoT platform with incomparable interoperability. This is how we deliver on the advanced capabilities such as our turn-key, Safe Return to Work Solution that LocationSense provides.

Leveraging the ThoughtWire Operating System and any mobile phone, LocationSense can deliver indoor positioning accuracy of < 1.5 m, with no new sensor hardware required. The anonymous tracking of our Privacy by Design software means no personal data is exchanged or stored. Offering a range of use cases from critical incident resolution to a complete return to work solution that enhances employee experience -- Building Operators, Leasing and Facility Managers can all benefit from LocationSense.

key features

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Health Screening Questionnaire

Health Screening Questionnaire

Employees fill out daily questionnaire before arrival at the office to ensure a safe and healthy work space.

Contactless Access & Control

Employee’s Unlock doors, gain access to facilities, and control lighting & temperature with your mobile device for an unmatched safe and convenient experience. Mobile phone replaces physical security cards to unlock doors and safely control lighting and temperature

Touchless Access Image-no background

Wayfinding and 3D Mapping

Helps employees more safely find their way within a building

Safe Space Booking

Allow employees to book a safe and sanitized workstation, to book a conference room that is social distanced, or to find safe space in open areas like cafeterias

Safe Space Booking
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Space Density Alerts

Alerts are generated real-time through the @WorkApp if capacity rules are broken

Contact Incident Management

Occurs immediately if an employee submits a positive COVID-19 test, and contact tracing notifies those potentially impacted

Contact Incident Management
Real Time Indoor Air Quality

Real Time Indoor Air Quality

Measures like humidity, temperature and CO2 levels can be controlled automatically

Workplace Utilization Analytics

Yields critical insights on managing safe distancing by adapting floorplans

Workplace Utilization Analytics

User Privacy Protection - KEY FEATURES

  • Staff are anonymously identified within a facility within a specific time range, ensuring private notification of necessary actions
  • All location information is strictly anonymous and only collected when the user is in a building where ThoughtWire services are provided

Privacy by Design

  • The system assigns opaque IDs to users in the background to compare their location history to track contact events
  • Only privileged users have access to incident data for verification and approval purposes and all viewing activities are logged.
  • Our Privacy Protocols have been approved by the Apple App Store, by Google Play and by Microsoft Azure

Ready to see how you can create a truly modern workplace experience with LocationSense?

Gain command and control.

Get full visibility into a building’s end-to-end operations, plus complete command and control over operations. In real-time. From anywhere.


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