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Through the Lens - From Client to Vendor
By Neeti Passi Hi there, for those of you who don't know me, I am the newest member to the ThoughtWire business service team. I am happy to say that I have just completed my first five days and my journey thus far has been nothing less than exciting. My experience working in the tech industry has been limited, with most of my experience from a client/end user perspective. With over 12...
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QA-Centric Software
By Kiril Strax (Product Lead) As someone whose been in QA for almost 15 years, I've developed what I call a "QA-centric vision" of the software business, which looks like this: Quality Assurance is a group that provides a company with very specific services: the ability to analyze risks; to find appropriate strategies of mitigating them; and to make decisions about software with...
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