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Up & Coming Company To Watch
Congratulations to us! In just two weeks we've been awarded both the pwc Top Up and Coming award and the Deloitte Top Companies To Watch award. As we've said in our social posts, the credit for these awards goes to our fantastic customers and our hard working employees. Every day when I come to work I'm deeply grateful to work with such a smart and passionate group. When I go out to meet...
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Poodle SSL Vulnerability Update
Our review of the Poodle vulnerability turned up a limitation in our initial patch which meant that SSLv3 would have remained accessible on patched servers. We are implementing a second patch for affected customers now and all servers should be patched shortly. This patch now passes a Poodle vulnerability assessment using openssl, like so: openssl s_client -connect...
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Trusted Digital Identity
Tim Bourma wrote an excellent post laying out a clear and simple framework for some of the key factors in establishing trust in digital identities. ThoughtWire is very interested in identity because our Agent software relies on strong assertions of identity to support the convenient and secure access our customers need both within the platform, across devices and across distributed systems. ...
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Poodle SSL Vulnerability Assessment
Please see our Oct 22 update Information security is extremely important to ThoughtWire and we started a thorough investigation immediately after the 'Poodle' vulnerability was announced on October 14th. All servers have been checked and we have done an internal vulnerability assessment. The ThoughtWire platform is configured to remove support for SSL v3 and therefore we do not believe...
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Happy Ada Lovelace Day
I have been sadly delinquent in blogging lately and what better motivation to restart than to celebrate Ada Lovelace day . And what better way to celebrate than to blog about one of the great computer scientists of our time. I recently came across a computer scientist who I knew very little about, though I had seen and used the principle named after her for years. For some reason I took the...
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