Today's information driven workplace

Most organizations have made significant investments in IT to improve their core operations. Companies have a lot of data but it's trapped in so many silos that the people who need it can't use it effectively.

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Today's customers engage with your organization across these silos as they touch your company through social media, call centres, websites and more. Your employees experience these silos every time they need data from multiple applications to do their jobs.

When people have to use multiple applications to get the data they need, they become the "human middleware" that manually links the systems and data together. Since applications don't understand the context of what users are doing, people have to deal with frustrating, time consuming and unnecessarily complex manual work.

These problems represent one of the largest barriers to innovation, acceleration and transformation for most organizations. Traditional approaches like application development and middleware-based integration have proven to be too expensive, slow to implement and prone to failure to be viable options to solving the problem.

Problem Solved.

Our cutting edge software makes it easy to liberate your data, automate manual work and deliver a great user experience.

  • Agent technology acts as the ultimate personal assistant for end users. The agent works directly with your software and data on behalf of users, automating the interactions with your existing systems and doing a lot of the routine thinking for users.
  • Connector technology makes it easy for our agent to work with your existing systems including true two-way data flows (read and write).
  • Web, portal and mobile user experience technologies enable you to deliver the right information to the right person when they need it.
  • Completely configuration based solutions with no code and no changes to your existing systems.

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