ThoughtWire Solution Delivery

ThoughtWire offers a new approach to make rich, data driven experiences for users on any web-enabled platform or device. The powerful ThoughtWire platform, combined with use case specific configuration, enables users to work better, smarter and faster. Our agile solution delivery process engages stakeholders in the design process and delivers ThoughtWire solutions to end users in as little as 6 weeks after kickoff.

People + Process + Platform

ThoughtWire's high-performing service and delivery teams work closely with stakeholders and end-users in a series of focused discovery and design workshops to uncover the key needs. Following these workshops we start a series of short, iterative development cycles called sprints that show continuous evolution and provide feedback from stakeholders.

1. Discovery and Design Workshops
(Typically completed in First Sprint)

This phase is comprised of a series of Feature Identification workshops to engage the stakeholders (both business and IT) in open discussions about the current opportunities for improvement and solution features that would benefit end-users. Current systems and data are analyzed in one (or more) technical workshops to determine the best methods of system access and to identify information users require. An early model of the solution will start to form as stakeholders give feedback on which features are the highest priority and see wireframes or an early demo of what the user experience can look like.

All workshops are done on-site as close as possible to where end-users perform their job. It is useful to set context before the first workshop by doing a facility tour or a job shadowing session with a user.  

Workshops: Every client engagement is unique, but we have a standard pattern that has proven to be successful for most projects.

2. Continuous Delivery
(Typically 2 to 4 Sprints)

One of the benefits of an agile approach is that stakeholders do not have to wait until a final delivery to receive value.

This phase will focus on building iterations of the solution. We engage with the business users and the IT staff representatives at 2-week intervals throughout this phase to ensure alignment between the software solution being developed and the needs of the stakeholders.

3. User Experience Evaluation

At this milestone, ThoughtWire delivers a tested, working application and hands the keys to end users and other stakeholders. Depending on the engagement, this can be a proof of concept, working prototype or a limited release production pilot. This is where stakeholders evaluate the solution against key measures of success defined earlier in the process. This is an opportunity to improve the user experience or add new features before a full production release is planned.

Participation from our Clients

We need the expertise and knowledge of our clients to build valuable solutions. We also depend on the following:

  1. High level of participation from end-users and stakeholders during workshops, bi-weekly demos, and ongoing team engagement.
  2. Access to test data and systems for us to test your application and for stakeholders to experience live demo's.
  3. An open mind from everyone involved to the 'art of the possible'.