ThoughtWire Unified Experience Platform (UxP)

ThoughtWire UxP represents the state-of-the-art in Enterprise and Cloud solution delivery featuring:

  • Unified eXperience (Ux) technology that works on any web or mobile device to deliver simple and intuitive apps that are custom fit to your needs.

  • Smart Personal Agent technology that works on behalf of its human counterpart to automate workflows, context management and complex information / rule based processing.

  • SmartConnector technology that simplifies bi-directional integration with your existing systems and data.

ThoughtWire UxP provides significant advantages over custom software development, classic systems integration and customization of Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions.

  • Faster. Deliver solutions in weeks with our configuration based platform.
  • Cheaper. Subscription pricing means you pay only for what you use.
  • Easy to deploy. Public, private or hybrid cloud ready.
  • Scalable. Internet scale with high availability out of the box.
  • Secure. Enterprise and Internet Identity Management system ready.

Platform Overview

The platform is delivered as secure, scalable, virtual server appliances that can be deployed in a public, private, or hybrid cloud.ThoughtWire Platform

  • ThoughtWire Semantic Forms deliver dynamic user experiences in real time that are a perfect fit for the end-user computing platform (web, portal or mobile).

  • The Connector Factory enables simple configuration based access to your existing systems and data without needing to change them.

  • The ThoughtWire Agent works on behalf of the end user to access information from the Connector Factory and to provide contextually relevant data to the User Experience.

  • The ThoughtWire Directory acts as the central point of governance for the entire platform including the ability to federate with any existing enterprise security system for single sign-on enablement of the entire platform.

  • ThoughtWire Studio is the 'app' design tool for creating configurations that drive ThoughtWire.

Key Features

  • A dedicated digital Agent for every user
  • Semantic web technologies driving rich context into every situation
  • Connectors for every major type of system to make it easy to leverage your existing assets
  • Web / Portal and Mobile ready supporting all major operating systems and web browsers
  • Configuration based solutions with no code and no changes to your existing systems
  • Zero footprint; nothing to install on the desktop
  • Works with your existing security solutions