Management Team

ThoughtWire is led by a team of highly capable technology leaders with decades of experience and a demonstrated track record of turning ideas into successful businesses.

Michael Monteith Michael Monteith, Co-Founder and CEO

Mike is responsible for corporate vision, strategy and driving growth at ThoughtWire. Mike is an experienced entrepreneur and seasoned leader with more than 20 years experience in technology companies and professional services-based consulting.

Prior to co-founding ThoughtWire, Mike was a technology consultant acting as a senior advisor to both public and private sector organizations. Mike's broad experience encompasses business and enterprise strategy, IT strategy, enterprise architecture and large-scale program implementation.

Over the last decade, Mike has become a highly sought after leader uniquely capable of bridging the gap between business innovation and IT enablement. Mike is considered to be one of the leading experts on healthcare information technology in Canada; a sector for which integration and interoperability is the single largest challenge facing the modernization of the industry.

Mike can be reached at 647.351.9473 ext. 101 or

Stephen Owens Stephen Owens, Co-Founder and CTO

Stephen is responsible for driving the technical vision and development for ThoughtWire software solutions. Stephen has over 25 years of experience as a software developer and entrepreneur, with a proven track record of innovation that includes multiple startups with successful exits. Stephen is an early proponent and longtime practitioner of agile software development.

Stephen has repeatedly demonstrated an ability to anticipate the market and to develop and deliver technology solutions to fit emerging opportunities. Major achievements include being the co-inventor of technology that was valued at over $250M in 2009 in the i4i vs. Microsoft patent lawsuit, building the first validating HTML editor when the web was in its infancy, designing and building the first editing tool for building data-driven web sites and implementing the first enterprise scale site validation engine.

Stephen can be reached at 647.351.9473 ext. 104 or

Peter Zakarow Peter A.P. Zakarow, Co-Founder, COO and EVP Business

Peter is responsible for managing relationships with clients, channel partners and investors while driving the sales and marketing strategies for ThoughtWire.

Peter is a business leader and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. He has either directly founded or has been a primary contributor to the founding of three different companies and has held senior leadership roles in both the private and public sectors.

Prior to co-founding ThoughtWire, Peter led public sector business development nationally for IBM Canada, and was responsible for senior client relationships, driving large corporate growth initiatives, including leading Smarter Planet for IBM Canada, and driving sales of the national team. Peter is also engaged as a trusted business and political advisor to many leaders across Canada, blending his experience as an entrepreneur, political strategist, adjudicator and corporate executive.

Peter can be reached at 647.351.9473 ext. 102 or

Dale Hall Dale Hall, Co-founder and EVP Services

Dale is responsible for the services strategy and client engagement experience at ThoughtWire, and also for managing ThoughtWire's technology resource strategy. Dale has over 15 years experience in professional services and IT consulting and has worked for some of the largest technology companies in Canada serving as a senior consultant and IT advisor to some of Canada's largest purchasers of IT. Dale is also a seasoned entrepreneur who has been a founder and principal of two successful professional services consulting firms.

Dale is recognized as a thought leader in the integration and infrastructure optimization marketplace in Canada and brings a depth of skills and experience that will enable ThoughtWire to deliver a scalable software as a service capability in a culture based on client service excellence.

Dale can be reached at 647.351.9473 ext. 103 or

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